Thursday, March 03, 2005

Maturity is not an age, but a state of mind...

One of my favorite classes this semester is an undergraduate class in the J-School that I am taking because I just wanted to learn from Phil Meyer. He is just so smart that I wanted to absorb all I could, no matter what course he was teaching. The interesting thing about this class is that it is composed of students of all levels--undergrads, masters, and two of us PhD students. It is quite a mix of people and ages, yet we are all being challenged and engaged by Professor Meyer.

The undergrads who take this class are extremely bright. I find myself learning so much from them. Last week, one of them taught the class how to "do" a cross tab analysis. This week, she was showing me how to "do" a Scott's pi analysis. She is so bright and "on the ball." It was a good reminder to me that age has nothing to do with maturity, but is a state of mind.


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