Monday, March 28, 2005

Meet-Up questions...

When the Chapel Hill Blog Meet-up group gets together on April 6th, this is the list of questions I'd like to start with (since they were on my IRB proposal). I'm sure you all will have much better questions for us to talk about. I look forward to our time together. Let's plan to meet again at Tyler's Speakeasy--there is plenty of space and it is quite comfortable--plus they have pizza, which will be on me!

1. Tell me about your background, both professional and personal.
2. How did you get into blogging?
3. What was your reason for starting your own blog?
4. Do you have a specific blogging audience that you serve?
5. Are you an independent blogger or do you work for a company or association?
6. Is there a specific blogging topic that you focus on, or do you maintain a personal blog?
7. There seems to be a blogging community, or several communities that have emerged. Which one or ones, do you feel a part of?
8. How did you select your blog name?
9. How did you select your blog structure (e.g., did you use type pad software to begin your blog?).
10. Is there a blog language that your readers understand that a new reader might not understand?
11. What event triggered the beginning of your blog?
12. How often do you update your blog?
13. Do you allow users to comment on your blogs?
14. How many links coming in and out do you have on your blog?
15. What is your favorite part about writing a blog?
16. Is there anything you dread about writing a blog? Is it ever difficult to find something new and clever to say?
17. Why do you enjoy attending the weekly blogging meet-ups?
18. Is there anything I have not asked about blogging that you feel is critical for me to know?

I'll also be bringing consent forms for you to sign before we can begin.
Thanks a million!


Blogger coturnix said...


Well, the MeetUp was bery non-linear. I hope you are getting information you need. If you actually want these questions answered, you may want to ask people to do it over e-mail, or even to post answers on their blogs (sort of like "That Book Meme" that is going around these days - I got stuck with it a few days back).

7:50 AM  
Blogger coturnix said...

This is the initial e-mail I got re the blog research at Lehigh I told you about. I can give you more by e-mail if you want:

"My name is Lauren Baldasari. I am a research associate working with Dr.
Robert Rosenwein who is on the faculty of the Department of Sociology
and Anthropology at Lehigh University. We are conducting interviews
with people like yourself who are affiliated with politically oriented
blogs. We would very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about
three things. First, we are particularly interested in the reasons you
decided to become involved with the blog. Second, we would like to hear
about your experiences with the site. Third, we would like to know your
perceptions of the impact the site has had on other sites, the political
campaign and political life in general.
The interview (conducted via e-mail) would be to your convenience. The
total amount of time would amount to about one half-hour to an hour,
depending on your schedule. Our intent is to publish the results of
this research in a peer-reviewed journal. Ethically, we are bound to
keep these interviews anonymous in the reporting if you so desire and we
would not keep any record of these interviews after we had analyzed
them. If you are interested, we would send you a draft of the paper
before it is submitted for publication.
We apologize in advance for the intrusion on your valuable time.
However, whatever information you can give us would be greatly
appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you."

7:52 AM  
Blogger karen said...

Thanks for the info. The meetup was good--even for nonlinear. It will take me awhile to unwrap it all, but overall, I was pleased. Thanks for coming and for your support.

5:02 PM  

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