Saturday, November 05, 2005

EQ vs. IQ...

The old EQ vs. IQ debate continues...what does it take to get a PhD? I know that brains are important, but I'm beginning to believe that you do need a dose of EQ along with that. How else can you finish papers and classes on deadline, juggle four classes per semester along with an assistantship, and some kind of assemblance of family life? We are one of the lucky schools that takes the time to interview us for our program. In thinking back to that intimidating interview weekend, I am trying to think about the questions they asked and the settings they put us in to think about what types of EQ things they might have been getting at over that weekend. I hadn't really thought about it until now. In some ways, as long as you pass the IQ hurdle for admissions, I believe it is the EQ items that will get you through in the long run. Even though I am one of the older students, I have come to realize that age has nothing to do with either IQ or EQ. Now I'm curious to find out what other companies or universities do to research EQ on a prospective candidate. I know this will be something that will be useful for me to understand in the future. I did a google search and found one inventory of items at that examines four items: 1) Reading people, 2) Using emotions, 3) understanding emotions, and 4) Managing emotions. It gives me a place to start thinking about how we can ask the right questions to get at this thing called EQ.


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