Monday, June 12, 2006

Cellphone policy or mosquito policy?

In my pedagogy class, we developed a course syllabus and talked about our philosophies about classroom behavior ranging from absences to the use of cellphones in class. As you can imagine, most professors frown on having to deal with your cell phone ringing while they are lecturing. That has only happened to me one time in the past two years and I was mortified--and then I learned about the silent option for my phone.

Now, students have a new option--the mosquito buzz. It supposedly rings at such a high pitch that only young people can pick it up. Okay, so I'll be an older professor by the time I graduate and probably won't pick it up, but should I now list this on my syllabus?

"No cellphones will be permitted to ring during class--including mosquito buzzing ringtones."

I'm sure there will be something new in a year to replace mosquito buzzing.


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