Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why do we give up on people?

I passed a young man on the way to school this morning. I pass many young men on my way onto the campus of UNC, but usually they have a purpose--ususally they are going to class or are hanging out with friends between classes. This young man had no purpose--he was sitting in a doorway, asking for spare change. NPR had a moving story this morning about a single mother who found herself homeless for one summer, so I suppose I found myself more "wide open" than usual, but I noticed him and yes, I did give him money. I wanted to stop and tell him that he should be going to class. I wanted to tell him that if it is not too late for me to begin a new direction in my life, that it is not too late for him. I wanted to ask him who had given up on him, but I did not. I gave him the money and smiled. I know that I will look for him tomorrow. I also know that I will pray for him today.


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