Friday, April 29, 2005

We can learn new things--both in 1st grade and grad school...

My son, Jack, is in 1st grade at Durham Academy and is learning about how to write for a newspaper. One of the teachers at DA is a former reporter and is teaching the kids all about being a reporter. They are all writing stories--Jack wrote one column on math and one on his piano lessons. Mrs. Lovelace's class has named their paper The Mannie Sun, after learning about the names of famous papers. My son today asked me if I had ever heard of the New York Times! One year ago, I never would have guessed that Jack and I would both be learning about the newspaper business at the same time. My last class in Phil Meyer's class was yesterday, and I certainly learned a lot from him. The book says, "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten", but it sounds like there are some fun and interesting things to be learned both in 1st grade and in graduate school, too.


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