Sunday, November 13, 2005

Response to Frozen at Four...

At Dotmoms, Amy writes that she wants to freeze her child at four.

Amy, Have no fear! Children grow up and they still say they love you and hug you, no matter what their peers think or say. I am happy to report that my 8 year-old son still wants to give me what he calls "a great big smooch" and tells me that I am "the greatest mom ever". He even hugs me in front of his friends at school. My 11-year old daughter, despite being on the edge of her teenage years, has returned to the days of constant hugging, and is actually miffed with me, if I don't stop and return her hugs with equal enthusiasm. She will even select random moments in the car to blurt out "I love you guys!" which still causes my husband to stumble for a moment, wondering if his hearing is indeed working. So I just want to reassure you that while four is indeed wonderful--I do miss those days, that I have found that each year has something special to offer, as well.


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