Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Finding a new church is a new trick, too...

We have been to umpteen new churches since moving to Chapel Hill and Durham from Winston-Salem. When we lived in Chapel Hill last year, we attended Christ United Methodist Church in Southern Village, the neighborhood we were living in. Their choir director, Mr. Roger, was just wonderful with our children.

Since moving to Durham, we wanted to find a church closer to our home, but it is hard. We had the most wonderful church in Winston-Salem, Reynolda Presbyterian, and it is hard to find its duplicate, cousin, or even distant relative.

I have been proud of my children for trying out new Sunday School classes and sitting through new church services. Each one is different, and it is hard to find the right combination of joy, music, welcome as well as the feeling of God's presence.

All of this church hopping has made me realize that this is a new trick that people go through all of the time. Whenever you move to a new place, you have to find a new church. It is hard. I'll remember this when I finally find a church home and am the one welcoming new people.


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