Thursday, February 16, 2006

Help or Hype during Hurricane Katrina...

The life of a PhD student--presenting papers at conferences...

I've written a paper on the efforts of the Top 100 brands during Hurricane Katrina and whether those efforts were true giving efforts (help) or just words of encouragement (hype). I studied the websites of those top 100 brands just after Hurricane Katrina struck to see how those brands publicized their concern and whether or not that concern actually translated into a cash donation or effort on the part of the firm. Interestingly, those firms that did donate to help the Hurricane Katrina victims gave a total of $105 million dollars.

I'll be presenting this paper "Help or Hype: Symbolic or Behavioral Communication During Hurricane Katrina" to the Ninth Annual International Public Relations Research Conference, March 9-12, 2006 in Miami, Florida.


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hey karen, finally i remembered to come visit your blog now! interesting idea. keep on writing!

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