Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is happening to IMC?

I came to grad school at UNC to learn about integrated marketing communication: how the many aspects of advertising, public relations, sales, and other marketing communications work together as an integrated whole to produce a more consistent and cohesive message for the consumer. This idea was pioneered by Bob Lauterborn, a professor at UNC, whom I had the privilege to work for last year.

One organization that I thought has done this well is Kripy Kreme. Until the financial problems, they had built a brand image and customer loyalty all without spending tons of money, but by integrating the various components of their marketing communications, thanks to the professional efforts of their team, led by Marketing VP Stan Parker (UNC grad!).

So, I was surprised to read that Krispy Kreme is now going to advertise on TV and radio. So much for IMC.


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