Sunday, January 15, 2006

I just knew caffeine is good for me...

I will admit to a weekly (okay, almost daily) Starbucks habit. I'm hooked! My kids asked when I started drinking the dreadful stuff, and I think it was when I started working for GM right after college. Everyone drank coffee in the office, it was just what you learned to do.

I didn't really like coffee then, but I love my grande decaf skim no-whip mocha, now! I have been feeling a little bit guilty about it, but now there is no need--Time magazine tells me that it is all right. This article reports that caffeine actually prevents some health problems (I'll let you read the article for specifics) and improves "brain function." Two more reasons to drink coffee: better health and better brain function. Not that I really needed an excuse, but this definitely makes me feel better.


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