Friday, January 13, 2006

Women don't create online content like men do...

In my digitalenterprise class at NC State, there is a mountain of information to read and I have only skimmed the required section so far for this week, with lots left to review before the next assignment. One finding this week I was most surprised to read in a Pew Study is that only 16% of online women develop their own content vs. 25% of online men. I'm assuming that developing online content includes blogging.

Why is this? Are we too busy emailing each other? I know we have a lot to say. If you read the NY Times editorial page, there are more men there "talking" and creating content than women, so maybe it is just our nature. I'm not sure about the reason why, but I think it is interesting to think about.

Between my blogging class and this one, I have learned that I will be creating more class content online in the future--it is a great way to eliminate the need for textbooks that lag behind what is actually occuring in the real world, as well as a way to move beyond powerpoint into something a bit more interesting.

I am learning new things every day!


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