Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Finally, others are talking about IMC...

Today, the President of the Association of National Advertisers blogs about IMC!

This is what I came to UNC to study with Bob Lauterborn. I'm sure he has had an important influence on the ANA and I am so glad to read that they are encouraging their membership to be more open-minded about IMC.

Integrated marketing communication, or IMC, is about integrating the many ways we communicate with consumers so that we build relationships with them. We have to find them where they are and not assume they will find us where we want to advertise or promote our products. It is not about just talking to them, as we have in the past, but in listening, as well.

This OnlineSpin article touches on the same theme: consumers have so many media choices, how do we make the best use of the ones they like best so that we are able to connect with them in a meaningful way?

It is not just older students, like me, who are learning new tricks, it is the advertising industry, too.


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