Saturday, May 06, 2006

Less is more...

Lag in blogging due to finals week.

This week has been full of final papers and exams: One paper due Monday, one paper due Tuesday, one exam Tuesday, and one paper due Friday. Then, at the last minute, one professor (who shall remain nameless!), decided that we needed a final exam after all, in addition to our final paper, so he gave us a take-home final exam to be due when the final paper was due Friday afternoon. But, he must have received complaints about the exam because he had to hold a teaching session Thursday to teach us the material that would allow us to actually complete the exam. Two hours later, we knew enough to finish the exam.

Add this experience to "what I will not do when I'm a professor." By the end of a semester, students are burnt out--I know I am.

Less is more.


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