Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ohio U. Blogging Ethics conference was a hit...

After the most circuitous route to Athens imaginable (long story), I made it to the conference a bit late, missing Dan Gillmor's keynote address. But, I did have the distinct honor of having dinner with Mr. Gillmor that evening--what a treat. After reading his book, "We, the media" in Paul Jones' class last fall, it was wonderful to talk to him in person.

There were approximately 20 presenters, 5 of whom were women. One of the presenters mentioned that there are more female bloggers than male bloggers, but once again, the male researchers out-number the female researchers--at least on this topic. Our topics ranged from ethical considerations to teaching new media to how blogging can bring about democratic change in the arab world. It was a fascinating weekend.

It was one of the more lively student-oriented conferences I have been to (of my 3 conferences in 4 weeks!). There were undergrads there from Ohio U who were very involved in our discussions, and there were both masters and doctoral student presenters. One thing I was amazed at was the level of lively discussion, despite our student status. It certainly did not deter people from expressing their opinions--I guess that is also a characteristic of bloggers--not shy to express an opinion!

It was also a great honor to meet Professor Christians, who spoke on ethics on an online world. His basic thesis was that if we think about treating people with dignity and respect in the off-line world, we will translate those values into the online world, as well. I'm not doing his message justice, but I'm sure there is a paper forthcoming on this topic (which I'll be looking for).

The Ohio U Inn is also very nice, if you are ever there to visit.


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