Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Talk of the town...

The "alleged" sexual assault, rape and sodomy on a NC Central student that took place by Duke Lacrosse students has this town talking. It is in all the papers and even hit my local daily read, Inside Higher Ed, today. We even talked about this incident in one of my J-School classes last night. People are upset that this could happen and the J-School folks are especially upset that the Duke officials have not handled the crisis communication better, though they apparently now have FAQs on the situation.

My husband and I took a marriage bible study class two years ago at our church and one of the sessions was on why some men have trouble treating women with respect. We watched a video tape of a pastor who now teaches men how to respect women, including other pastors. He said in this video that men are socialized from a very young age to treat women as objects and to not think of them as people worthy of respect. We saw the session where he talks to women and the men watched the portion where he talks to men. It was very powerful to think that we as a society might be raising our boys and young men to think so little of the women they will marry and work with. No wonder there is a glass ceiling and there are failing marriages.

My son has been interested in learning how to play lacrosse, but now I am not so sure that is a good idea. I think we'll find a sport that encourages self-respect as well as respect for others.


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