Friday, February 02, 2007

Dissertation year is a roller-coaster ride...

It is hard to explain to people outside of academe what this year is like. They ask how my classes are going and when I tell them I don't take classes this year, they look at me as if I must have the most luxurious job in the world.

It is much harder to explain that I'm writing a paper that feels like it will never end. While I love what I'm doing, it is also a very bizarre existence sometimes. I write--I stop--I wait--I read, and then I do this all over again.

My new job starts on August 1st, so that is my deadline for completion. I can't imagine starting my new job while also finishing my dissertation, so that is a good goal to have one done before starting the other.

I'm not really a fan of roller-coasters, so I guess I'll need some dramamine for the ride.


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