Friday, September 02, 2005

The first week of class is over...

I'm a second year doctoral student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. That first year sure flew by fast. Now I feel as though I have no time left to learn the amount of information I need to learn before I have to write a dissertation. I suppose all doctoral students feel this way, which is why we choose this life of academia where we can continue to study and learn and teach.

This fall, I am taking three journalism classes and one social psychology class. My first class of the week is on blogging with Professor Paul Jones. Now that I've written a paper on blogging, it is time to learn from "the master." I'm also taking Human Computer Interaction from Professor Sri Kalyanaraman. This class will be immensely helpful in getting closer to my dissertation topic of online communication. My third journalism course is the Public Relations Seminar with Professor Lois Boynton. She was kind enough to spend time with me before I even applied to the J-School and allowed me to ask all kinds of questions about the school, making sure that it would be an okay place to be an older student. Finally, my social psych course is with Dr. Sanna. His PhD is from Penn State--our home for five years--this is a small world. All in all, I once again have this feeling that I am so thrilled to be sitting in class, soaking it all in.

I'm so glad the semester has started.


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