Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've aged a year in grad school...maybe more

It's official--I'm now 42. My birthday was July 4th, which is almost unbelievable, but I could not make up that date if I tried. My entire life, my parents told me the fireworks were for me, but once I figured out the truth, I was a bit disappointed. Truth is, I don't care much for fireworks, anymore. We tried to see them at the Durham Bulls game on the 4th, but we bought seats where we had to move when the fireworks started, and once we moved, it started raining, so we left to watch them at home on tv.

One year of grad school--have I aged more than one year? In some ways, being back in school actually removes years from your life, making you feel younger and more energetic as you learn more new and exciting things. In other ways, the work load is relentless and you learn that you are not able to live that sleep-deprived life you could in your 20s. Sleep is definitely more needed in your 40s. Thankfully, my 7 year old can get his own breakfast now and my 10 year old sleeps in longer than I do. I'm already excited for the upcoming fall term and four new classes: I wouldn't trade it for anything.


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Happy Belated Birthday!!

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