Wednesday, June 01, 2005

One frustrating part about traveling is the TSA...

There is an article today in the New York Times questioning the tactics of the Transporation Security Administration, and I must agree. On my way back from Tampa, it appeared that they were very organized, with several lanes for getting passengers through a check-point area. In fact, there were many lanes for putting our luggage through the scanner, but only one walk-through area, creating a bottle-neck for walking through. Even with my limited memory of ops from B-School, I could tell that the system was not working right. By the time I took out my laptop and took off my shoes, I was last in line, anxiously watching my things waiting alone for me at the other end of the scanning equipment. When I finally walked through, I asked the agents if they thought about what might happen to my valuable belongings that were sitting there unattended--including my laptop. They just shrugged and walked off--it was time for their break. It turns out I am not alone in my frustration. I found out from friends who were also traveling that day that when they were going through security with their 18 month old, the agents made them send the 18 month old through first, but then would not let them chase their son as he ran away from the security area: leaving unattended the most precious belonging of all.


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