Monday, July 17, 2006

Curves Managers Can Create Buzz

As I did my rounds at Curves this morning (it is my new morning class), I huffed and puffed listening to the talk of the morning--movies. When one of the ladies asked our manager, Tracy, if she had seen Superman, she said "no" and the conversation waned. It was then I realized that movie marketing execs should be giving Tracy free movie passes to see everything as soon as it comes out. Tracy (a superb manager), loves to talk to every single person at Curves. She knows all of our names and she even knows something about each one of us.

Just think if Tracy had seen every new release and could talk it up to the rest of the ladies at Curves--this is not "sweatin' to the oldies", this is "sweatin' to the movie reviews." What a gold mine to create buzz.


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