Friday, August 18, 2006

Back to school with bifocals

At my house, we are getting ready to go back to school. My son starts 3rd grade next week,my daughter starts 6th grade and I start my last year of the PhD program. We went to Target the other day to get the supplies on their lists, and spent two hours making sure we had each and every spiral notebook, pen, ream of paper and D-ring notebook. It was exhausting.

They don't give us lists for the PhD program, especially when the last year consists of writing a dissertation, taking comps and working as a graduate assistant. But, I did get my surprise back-to-school supply yesterday: bifocals.

I'm 43 and I probably should have gotten them already. In all my studying, the pages have started to seem blurry to me. When I described this to the opthalmologist, she just laughed, "You are over 40. It's time for bifocals."

Man, do I feel old now. It almost makes you long for notebooks and pencils.


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