Friday, August 04, 2006

The job hunt continues...

I spent two days in San Francisco at AEJMC, the annual conference for academics in mass comm and I'm now in Chicago for two days at the AMA conference for academics in marketing--whew!--I am tired!

Most interviews in this setting are 15 minutes to a half-hour and vary in content. One teaching school started out by grilling me on my projected research stream and one research school spent quite awhile telling me that teaching was equally important to them as research. I know it is just a job pre-view, but exchanges like that have confused me about the distinction between teaching schools and research schools.

Maybe there shouldn't be such a strong distinction--maybe both students and faculty would be served with schools opting for a more balanced approach to research and teaching. After all, the price of education is going up--I can't believe that parents will sit by and continue to write large checks for schools where professors aren't interested in excellent teaching.

The learning continues...


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